Keynote Speaker Announcement: Dr. Daniel Gibbs

DanielGibbsDaniel Gibbs’ research is focused on understanding how plants use targeted protein degradation (proteolysis) as a mechanism for sensing and responding to signals derived from their environment. His group utilises diverse molecular approaches to uncover new functions for proteolysis during plant growth and stress responsiveness. After completing his PhD (2009) on lateral root development with Dr Juliet Coates at the University of Birmingham (Gibbs et al 2014 New Phytologist), Dan joined the lab of Professor Michael Holdsworth at the University of Nottingham, where his postdoctoral work helped to delineate the molecular basis through which plants perceive and respond to low-oxygen stress and the signaling molecule nitric oxide (Gibbs et al 2011 Nature; 2014 Molecular Cell). In 2012 he began a Nottingham Advanced Research Fellowship, before moving to a tenure-tracked 5 year Fellowship position at the University of Birmingham in 2013, where he is currently a Senior Research Fellow. Current projects in Birmingham – funded by the BBSRC and an ERC starter grant – are investigating roles for co-translational protein degradation in plant development, and exploring how proteolytic control of chromatin modifying proteins regulates epigenetic responses to environmental change (Gibbs et al 2018 Nature Communications).